WordPress is one of the most widely popular open source CRM platforms that is used in designing and developing custom, high quality websites and applications. At Infovinity, we have vast experience in WordPress development, successfully accomplishing more than 100 projects of varying size and complexity. Our unmatched expertise and domain knowledge enables us to offer a full range of WordPress development services as mentioned herewith.

Convert PSDs to WordPress

We boast a team of highly qualified developers who can efficiently convert PSDs into excellent quality WordPress framework to create custom, robust, and scalable websites and applications. Irrespective of the level of complexity, we can convert any form of PSD into WordPress to empower you with the opportunity to build fantastic websites on Content Management System.


Theme and Template Design

WordPress provides umpteen opportunities to design visually appealing and interesting themes and templates for websites, blogs and applications. We specialize in WordPress theme and template design services, enhancing the aesthetic value and curb appeal of your website or blog in a cost effective manner.


WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress functions best when you have the necessary plugins and extensions to enhance its capability and power. For that, you need to develop the plugins separately, which can be used for a wide range of applications. Infovinity offers dedicated WordPress plugin development services, improving the functionality of this open source framework.


Custom CMS Development

In the era of tough competition to reach the top search engine rankings, it is important for website owners to constantly update their webpage content. In such a scenario, custom CMS development solutions from Infovinity enables you to add, delete, or update your web content in a prompt, simple and hassle-free manner.


WordPress Blog Development

Our expertise is not limited to WordPress website development only. We are capable of designing excellent quality, robust, user friendly and visually appealing blogs on WordPress, incorporating fantastic features and functionalities to make the blog more interesting.


Ecommerce WordPress Development

Infovinity specializes in designing and developing robust, scalable, and visually appealing ecommerce websites on WordPress, which is user friendly, simple, and flexible. We leverage the latest technology and advanced WordPress framework to build excellent quality online stores, with multiple features.

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