vTiger is one of the leading open-source CRM tools today, enabling thousands of businesses to get organized, improve their sales, enhance marketing ROI, and provide delightful customer experiences. vTiger CRM makes it simple and easier to manage your core business processes, sales, marketing, and support activities, providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Infovinity is one of the leading providers of vTiger development and integration services, facilitating effective inventory and lead management, email integration, support automation, campaign management, 3rd party extensions, and umpteen other fantastic features to streamline your business processes, improve productivity, and generate sales.



Customer Support and Service

You can now provide superior customer experience, support and services by using vTiger CRM tools to track and aggregate all requests, access and regularly update them from anywhere. Fantastic customer service means prioritizing their requests in different stages and across a number of channels. With vTiger’s incredible customer support and service tool, you can professionalize the face of your customer services, while providing a splendid experience to them. vTiger enables you to be always on top of your customer requests, with effective management of the items and contracts sold, performance reporting, and project management.


Marketing Automation    

By integrating vTiger into your CRM system, you can automate your marketing and promotion process quickly and seamlessly. Now, you don’t have to worry about promoting your business or products to the end consumers. Advanced CRM tool have built-in marketing automation feature to enable you to offer lucrative discounts and coupons, special offers, and initiate other advertising campaigns.


Inventory Management

With vTiger development at Infovinity, you can now keep track and organize your product and service volumes (inventory) in an efficient and accurate manner. Furthermore, you can use price books to set unique pricing rules for different customer groups, track and send e-payment and other payment requests for products and services, and use purchase orders for goods from associated vendors.


Activity Management

With vTiger CRM, you can now monitor and manage the activities within your organization, sales and marketing, and customer relations. You can control team structures and organizational hierarchy to help managers to see the calendars of the employees and to determine who can access different areas within the CRM system, and view, delete or edit the records. Thus, vTiger helps in keeping a track on all activities pertaining to CRM system.


Security Management

vTiger is powered by advanced technology that guarantees uncompromised security of your CRM system. In addition to this, you can also manage and control the security level of different projects, customer portals, and applications to provide a reliable and hassle-free experience to the end consumers.


Email Integration and Calendaring

With vTiger, you can target, build, and send interesting and relevant emails to your potential leads and customers just in 4 steps. With effective email integration technique, view audience management to identify what attracts their attention, and then you can strategize likewise to build successful campaigns and drive actions. You can also use vTiger calendar to create, manage, and assign tasks with relation to customer cases, opportunities, and other

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