Remote Monitoring Solution – AWRMS (Remote tank and silo monitoring)

Dedicated VMI provide real time remote silo monitoring solutions to a variety of industries including mining, waste, foods, water and many more.

Solution planned and produced by Infovinity for Applied Weighing International Limited, one of the UKs leading manufacturer and supplier of process weighing equipment and load cells.

At Infovinity, we started understanding how data is generated and stored. We introduced scalable Google cloud based solution developed in PHP/CloudSQL (MySQL, which is capable of handling over 1 million+ records of payload data signals from transmitters all over the UK.

Mobile enabled Solution was designed to meet the company’s objective of delivering a very high quality, reliable, scalable solution for remote monitoring of sites/silos.

Not only the stationary silos and containers, our solution enabled AWI to enhance their offering to moving vehicles and in-process weighing. Our solution is now deployed and is in use for monitoring weight load, overload/underload/ cable break/ unbalance and other signals from over 200+ silos, multiple vehicles and production lines. Adding revenue from new and additional sales, increased customer retention and satisfaction for AWI.

The system logs weight reading and displays them graphically on a password protected web portal. E mail alerts to low/high level are automatically sent, using the GPRS network.

Developed in PHP/CloudSQL, AngularJS and deployed on google cloud environment this solution is tested for scalability and performance for receiving concurrent signals form over 1 Million units and handle 100K+ users.

Company is now exploring possibilities of introducing other sensors like temperature, speed, proximity, flow-control, access (open/close) etc. to utilise full potential of Internet of things ( IOT) technology and concept.

Enterprise E-Commerce For UK’s Top Drinks Wholesalers – Integration of Vintner Enterprise Application

Infovinity has provided Integration of Vintner Enterprise system via web-service to enable online ordering & customer account management. Features : Live Stock, Special Price & Order Processing, Credit Limit Management, Product/Category Details Auto-Sync With Website & Local Database. PHP Yii Framework based secure, scalable & cloud-ready application for seamless integration with Vintner Enterprise (

Vintner Enterprise provides a total solution for the Drinks Trade including Stock Control, Purchasing, Sales Ordering & Telesales, Intrastat, Waste Packaging, E-commerce, EPOS, EDI, Ex-Cellars, En-Primeur, Van Loading, Management Reporting , Multi-Currency accounting, Duty Management, Customer Reserves

Product information automatically fetched Product details (Category, images, stock, special prices for selected customers -groups/bands). Live synced on website.

Customers can also view their account details, invoices, previous transactions, order history, reserves and available credit limits. Customer service and optional Live chat with helpdesk.

Customer can Order 24×7, pay on-account (via available credit limit) or instant payment via sagepay. Orders taken on website automatically inserted in to the Vintner system for despatch.

It allows entry of orders from their standard product list and any other permitted products. Special prices are respected, On-account orders accepted based on credit limit, optional instant payment via Sagepay, Stock levels are instantly reduced.

REORDER facility
Intelligent Listing of regularly products based on previous orders for 1 click order processing.

Selected Shipping and Deliver Date
Customer can select/request a specific delivery date based on real-time delivery slots availability.

Integration via API, allows website to link directly in-to the Vintner Enterprise system. It is also used to extract live data such as product details, stock levels, customer account history and reserve details, enabling this information to be displayed on website as required. It also allows information about orders taken on website to be automatically inserted in to the Vintner system for despatch.