We Deliver Advanced AngularJS Apps.Fullstack Sr Experts Developers For Your Business.

Regarded as the best JavaScript framework, Angular is a right platform for developing rich user interfaces and writing software components. Infovinity offers Development of responsive Web applications with AngularJS. Development of single-page applications with the capability to develop unique web applications and online software using latest technologies!

Get end-to-end Angular JS development services from a reputed AngularJS development company for cutting-edge and feature-packed applications.

Experienced and specialized team of Angular developers, who have expertise in developing web/mobile applications over MVC framework. We Deliver Following Mentioned Angular Development Services

  • Single Page Angular Applications
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • UI/UX Module Development
  • Web / Mobile App
  • API Development & Integration
  • Development of Parallax Design
  • AJAX Development
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • AngularJS Migration
  • Social and Interactive Apps
  • Audio and Video Portal
  • Development Consulting

Benefits – Delivered Values to Clients using AngularJS

  • Reduced Page Response Time
  • Improved Web Experience
  • Less Code – More Output
  • Supported 1.8 + Million Users
  • Richer End-User Experience
  • Reusable 150 – 160 Components
  • Extend HTML 5 Storage
  • Interactive DATA visualization with D3 + Angular
  • Fast DOM Manipulations
  • Instant Search & Filters Friendly
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