Magento is the largest ecommerce platform in the world, offering rich features for online selling, organizing and promoting products, integrating secure payment gateways, and order processing. It is a powerful open source ecommerce Content Management System that can be easily customized and tweaked to meet the specific needs of the clients. Infovinity offers Magento ecommerce solutions that are a perfect blend of intelligence, power, and appeal. With a unique combination of technical expertise, creativity and domain knowledge, we offer a wide spectrum of Magento development services that help in building user-friendly, intuitive and scalable ecommerce websites.


Convert PSDs to Magento

Infovinity is one of the leading providers of PSD to Magento conversion services, creating feature rich, highly customizable ecommerce shopping cart and CMS that helps in improving performance of the online store. We have proven skills and expertise in converting PSDs to Magento themes.


Magento Plugin Development

The functionality of Magento improves with the use of right plugins and extensions. Hence, the importance of Magento plugin development is indispensable for developers today. We offer dedicated Magento plugin development and integration services, enabling the developers to fully leverage the power of this effective open source ecommerce platform.


Magento Ecommerce Integration

Magento is a powerful open source platform for quick and efficient ecommerce development. At Infovinity, we specialize in Magento ecommerce integration services, enabling you to leverage the rich features and functionality of Magento to build smart and intuitive ecommerce shopping carts and payment gateways.


Ecommerce Development Solutions

We offer a wide spectrum of Magento ecommerce development solutions, enabling the clients to design and build feature-rich, visually appealing, and user friendly online stores. With Magento, it becomes easier to organize and manage products and content, providing convenient shopping cart and payment gateway solution to the consumers for a fantastic experience.


Magento Extensions

To develop CMS websites, applications, and ecommerce stores on Magento, it is important to develop certain extensions that enable you to explore the world of this leading open source framework. Infovinity specializes in developing excellent quality Magento extensions to improve the efficiency and functionality of Magento.


Customized Development

Harnessing unmatched domain knowledge and expertise, we provide customized Magento development services to meet unique requirements of the clients. Our customized Magento development solutions enable you to develop excellent websites and applications, with rich features and capabilities


Magento Go

We offer expert services in Magento Go development and customization services, enabling small online stores to kick-start their business immediately and quickly. It facilitates design and customization of templates; PSD conversion to Magento Go; installation, re development and modification; integrating new templates into the site; and designing the entire ecommerce store.


Magento Enterprise Edition

Our exclusive Magento Enterprise Edition solutions empower the businesses to take full advantage of their ecommerce channel, offering a wide spectrum of world class facilities such as revenue boosting features, expert support, and complete control over your ecommerce store.

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