Founded in 2007, Infovinity provides focused technology services Small and medium businesses, other software companies, individuals and start-ups to increase profit and revenue by

  1. Creating efficient, business focused, bespoke workflow applications, dashboards
  2. Improving Performance & Reducing The Time Needed To Perform An Action

“Infovinity uses the integration of information in order to drive business growth.”

From Manufacturing to Healthcare Robotics to Finance Autonomous mobility to Education ; our highly qualified staff offer expert skills in project support.

Areas of expertise include React Native, Node.JS, Cloud and NoSQL solutions, as well as Microsoft .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, and mobile technologies.

Alongside creating marketing tools such as websites, or e-commerce the core strength of Infovinity lies in the ability to shape dashboards, systems, processes and applications exactly to a business’s requirements. This means that even off the shelf products and packages can be manipulated and integrated into a company:

All of which create efficiencies and drive company growth. The tangible business benefits include:

  • Increased efficiencies of 66%
  • Increased productivity – immediate data transfer, ultra efficient processing
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Better control – via Information Integration ( i3 © platform)
  • Fully integrated with business operations & existing systems

Infovinity not a “virtual” company. 

Our Development team operates from 5 offices in India

Noida, New Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad and Bangalore ) and project manages and Business Analyst in London (UK), Salt Lake City (Utah), Detroit (Michigan -USA), Dubai (UAE) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to work with clients around the world.

Our Sales offices and representative are based in

London (UK and Europe) VIA AIOE LTD, Salt Lake City (USA), Dubai (MENA) and India ( Asia, Australia and NZ)

With over 400 years of collective programming experience across our team, Infovinity hires educated computer scientists and trains them in the latest web technologies and languages.

Our team spirit and the company’s management proficiency are successfully combined with creativity, dedication, and a development culture to produce solid, effective technological results. Our commitment is to deliver high-performance and scalable products to industries.


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