Transform your organization through artificial intelligence

We work with businesses of all sizes to develop ai products and tools that differentiate. your business from the competition and amaze your customers.

AI Engineered Neural Networks

“Given the recent advancements in Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence is now beginning to be used across a broad range of industries. Some use cases are described below but note that these are by no means the limit of what an AI can achieve.”

Manufacturing / Remote Monitoring

AI & machine learning to keep systems running efficiently & economically, connect with IoT, predicting equipment maintenance needs & recalculate delivery, supply or forecasting energy prices

Healthcare, Medical, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Healthcare solutions for maximizing patient care while minimizing costs is a complex task such as generation of preventive alerts based on changes in daily routine or detecting disease and predicting hospital readmissions.

Label Reading for Automated Inventory, Warehousing, Delivery and Baggage Handling

Face Recognition for Air Travel, Defence, Counter Terrorism, Security, Authentication

Natural Language Processing Chatbots, Customer Support, Call Centre Automation, Defence, Education, Natural Disaster Management

Document Processing – Invoice, Workflow, Survey, Inspections

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