Migration of Magento 1.x to Magento 2 for 3D Broadcast Ltd

Migration of Magento 1.x to Magento 2 for 3D Broadcast Ltd


3D Broadcast Ltd is a well-established professional broadcast company based at the world famous Pinewood Studios, who have many years of experience selling into the Broadcast and Corporate Market Place & was established a fantastic reputation within the industry for quality and service..

3D Broadcast offers professional, impartial and unbiased advice to help you make the right choice in acquisition, post-production and media distribution solutions.

With an ever growing international client base including freelancers, educational establishments, independent production companies, major corporations and broadcasters, 3D Broadcast is able to source and supply equipment from major manufactures that include Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Ikegami, Blackmagic and Vitec group as well as many others.

What were the challenges for us?

Recognizing the need to take the business to the next level, the team from 3D Broadcast approached us looking for Magento professionals that can migrate their existing store from 1.8. Open Source edition to Magento 2.  Magento 2 introduces new methodologies and technologies for delivering enhanced shopping and store experience to the merchants and users. But to be honest, migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not an easy and trouble-free process. Since it’s not automated, there is plenty of manual work that needs to be done by professionals who understand migration process and your business in order to get a stable and fully functional store.

3D Broadcast knew what they wanted for their future. They required a solution that can easily scale up if required and has a modular architecture to ensure faster page load time, faster add-to-cart server response time and faster end-to-end checkout time.

Magento 2 Open source (previously known as Community Edition) comes with support for only MySQL search engine, but some projects require better or more adjustable search engine in order to increase sales or conversion rate. For 3D Broadcast, we’ve implemented search engine in order to achieve blazing-fast search results that are also highly reliable and fault tolerant. With a near real-time indexing, advanced full-text search capabilities and optimisation for high volume traffic, has brought a new dimension for the customers using the site.

The client wanted to keep all of their existing features and extensions from Magento 1. As one can imagine, Magento 1 extensions are not compatible with Magento 2, so we implemented new ones and set fundamentals for all future technical implementations and integrations as Search Autocomplete & Search Spell Correction, Import automation, and other complex technical systems.

Many Additional features were added / introduced Including

  • Improved Layered Navigation for Products, Brands, pages etc
  • Geo Ip Data
  • Google Invisible Captcha
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Stock Status
  • Hide Price
  • Product Attachments
  • Pre Order
  • Automatic Related Products
  • Shipping Table Rates
  • Product Feed
  • Product Labels
  • One Step Checkout
  • Delivery Time
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • WordPress Blog Integration

Since 3D Broadcast had a large number of categories and 5000+ products, we had to do a major restructuring of the store’s hierarchy, which, among other, resulted with structured navigation and flow that seems more natural to the end user.

The end result

3D Broadcast now has modern and clean responsive design with a completely new look and flow that provides optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices. We designed it by having in mind business needs for this special niche and eCommerce trends supported with the gathered information and behavior of visitors on the previous store.


Implementing several analytic tools, we now have a better understanding of the customer’s journey and how they engage with the brand. That gives us the opportunity to continuously test and improve technical functionalities and user experience in order to increase revenue and reflect the quality that stands behind the name of 3D Broadcast in into the Broadcast and Corporate Market Place focused on post-production and media distribution solution

Remote Monitoring Solution – AWRMS (Remote tank and silo monitoring)

Dedicated VMI provide real time remote silo monitoring solutions to a variety of industries including mining, waste, foods, water and many more.

Solution planned and produced by Infovinity for Applied Weighing International Limited, one of the UKs leading manufacturer and supplier of process weighing equipment and load cells.

At Infovinity, we started understanding how data is generated and stored. We introduced scalable Google cloud based solution developed in PHP/CloudSQL (MySQL, which is capable of handling over 1 million+ records of payload data signals from transmitters all over the UK.

Mobile enabled Solution was designed to meet the company’s objective of delivering a very high quality, reliable, scalable solution for remote monitoring of sites/silos.

Not only the stationary silos and containers, our solution enabled AWI to enhance their offering to moving vehicles and in-process weighing. Our solution is now deployed and is in use for monitoring weight load, overload/underload/ cable break/ unbalance and other signals from over 200+ silos, multiple vehicles and production lines. Adding revenue from new and additional sales, increased customer retention and satisfaction for AWI.

The system logs weight reading and displays them graphically on a password protected web portal. E mail alerts to low/high level are automatically sent, using the GPRS network.

Developed in PHP/CloudSQL, AngularJS and deployed on google cloud environment this solution is tested for scalability and performance for receiving concurrent signals form over 1 Million units and handle 100K+ users.

Company is now exploring possibilities of introducing other sensors like temperature, speed, proximity, flow-control, access (open/close) etc. to utilise full potential of Internet of things ( IOT) technology and concept.